Because We Love Animated Videos

It's no accident that YouTube is one of the biggest sites in the world, and that streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more are growing at a rapid pace. People love watching video. That's why they will nearly always play an animated explainer video before accessing anything else on your website.

Chances are, if this is your first time visiting our website, you probably played the video above before reading any of the text (or at least before you read this far).

Most people who watched animated cartoons during their childhood are predisposed to expecting a fun and engaging experience when presented with an animated explainer video on a website because we love animated videos. It's just a great way to share information, learn a new thing, or show how your product or service can solve a problem.

At Animation 4 Business we specialise in creating low cost animated explainer videos for everyone, from strictly budgeted business startups, to medium and large businesses worldwide.

We understand that the more you spend on creating a video the longer it takes to see a return on investment. For some businesses that can be the difference between staying afloat or seeing very little return on all their hard work.

Animated videos can be deceptively expensive with much of the cost going into character and background design. It doesn't make sense to spend thousands of dollars on these things when all you really need is a simple animation to explain your product or service clearly in an easy to understand way?

Animation 4 Business takes advantage of existing, pre-animated content libraries of characters and props, to save you thousands of dollars in character and background design whilst still producing professional, easy to understand, animated videos.

Find out how we can produce animations for your business, faster and for less cost than a fully custom made animation by a more expensive studio, with professional results.

For more information including pricing for a two minute or less animated video email